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Patrick's Obituary

from the Orlando Sentinel

Patrick McCarty

On January 18, surrounded by family and friends, Patrick McCarty, age 60, peacefully left this Earth. Patrick was a beacon of light to so many, both in the U.S. and abroad. One of the world's premier teachers of alternative health modalities, Patrick leaves a legacy of knowledge and love to all those who knew him. He was a noted author and devoted teacher and mentor to countless students and clients. Patrick was a loving husband and father and is survived by wife, Vashon and son, Kean, age 8. A memorial service will be held on Thursday, January 24 at 2pm at Mead Gardens, 1300 S. Denning Dr., Winter Park, FL 32789. In lieu of flowers, an educational account is being set up for Kean. Donations can be made to: Kean Patrick McCarty c/o Susan Coschigino at MSCW, 4750 New Broad St., Orlando, FL 32814.


by Lino and Jane Stanchich

The world has had, in Patrick McCarty, one of the finest men that any of us could ever be privileged to know. Patrick’s spirit lives on in the hearts of his devoted family, his beloved wife Vashon and adored son, Kean, who brought his father great joy and pride. Patrick’s spirit and wisdom live on in the hearts of all he touched- truly touched, in his teachings, healing, and friendship. The Worldwide Macrobiotic Family will forever honor Patrick’s generous contributions and dedication.

Patrick gave so much to the Macrobiotic Community here in the Orlando area. We know how sad you feel to have lost this great teacher and leader. This blessing of life is often a puzzle, unfair, confusing, and down-right unjust, it seems. Life has its bitter with the sweet, its tears with its joy, its pain with its healing. We had prayed that Patrick could have recovered his own health, especially in light of all those he worked tirelessly to heal. Yet, now we must focus on the happy times, our wonderful memories of Patrick.

We were honored to have visited and worked with Patrick throughout the United States. Teaching together at French Meadows at the GOMF California camp, in Eureka to teach together again at his home and the McCarty’s camp was a joy. Many Kushi Summer Conferences, Miami events, Holistic Holiday cruises, and here in Orlando, found us eating, talking, and laughing together on countless occasions. Patrick spoke confidently with world leaders, sharing his passion for the establishment of natural health and healing. And he touched so many with his expert skills and warm energy. There is an Irish saying, “The work praises the man.” Patrick’s work on Earth will speak of him always.

Patrick was vital man, enthusiastic, humorous, grateful, and yes, handsome. Patrick gave us such charisma and Celtic charm, with a twinkle in his eye. He walked tall and in the courage of his convictions, yet had a gentle, humble, and grateful soul. We believe that now Patrick’s soul is soaring in freedom and peace. There is an eternal life, a continuation and evolution of energy. There truly is no death. Patrick will live forever in the hearts of his beloved family; in the warm breeze over the water; in the rustling of the California redwoods; in his son, Kean; in the lives of all his students and friends throughout the world; in his writings, and in the thousands of people benefiting from his counseling.

As the ancient Irish saying goes, “Patrick, we hardly knew ye. You went too soon.” We will have to seek some sort of peace in having the heartwarming memories of yesterday, your teachings for now and the future, and your unique friendship always. Thank you for walking with us in this life.

Be in Peace. God bless you, Friend. Until we meet again…